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Dempsey International Packaging

We provide superior supply chain development skills complemented by world class service.


With a team of dedicated professionals that combines more than 100 years of experience, we don’t look to sell you what we make—we bring you what you need. 


We match manufacturing capabilities with customer needs: whether that's one of our core domestic partnerships or with product made around the globe.


We help our customers close the “Knowledge Gap,” put more profits to their bottom line, and fuel organic growth.

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Raptor Packaging

A game changing e-commerce marketplace, we designed Raptor to give manufactures a brand-forward way to reach the more than 30,000 distribution customers.


Raptor provides a conduit for distributor customers to manage multiple SKU's from multiple manufacturers in one convenient interface.


Through Raptor, manufacturers can increase their margins while customers realize a 10-20% lower cost when compared to traditional distribution.

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KC Media

What started as our internal marketing department has grown into a full-service media group, taking our team's expertise and making it available to organizations who need to clarify their message, create strong brands, and save time and money on their marketing.


KCooper Consumer Packaged Goods

Formed in 2022, the consumer packaged goods division of KCooper Brands takes our collective knowledge of packaging, formulation, filling, and supply chain and applies it to proprietary product offerings like filled sanitizer, disinfectants, personal care, automotive, and dry wiper products.


We approach the market differently with our branded products, providing an avenue for growth with our customers and an innovative thought process that shatters the ceiling of traditional, non-branded, and contract filling.

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At KCooper Brands, we're passionate about building value-added partnerships and brands in our pursuit of excellence in the packaging industry and beyond.


We believe the core of any great company is its people, and we're excited to be building a team of the highest caliber professionals in the industry. Our focus is always on serving you as our customer.


With the right people in place, we deploy our vast knowledge and experience in order to serve, support, and succeed together with our vendors, customers, and partners.

Whether you need support to package your own products, accelerate a branded opportunity, or help to beat your competition, you have a partner in KCooper Brands who will stand with you through it all.



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Corporate Office

6155 S Main St, #215

Aurora, CO 80016

Tel: 720-405-9001


For any inquiries, questions or proposals, please call 720-405-9001 or fill out the contact form.

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