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The Performance through Technology Platform

Performance Through Technology™ involves our company designing and developing items to customer specifications, including non-woven disposable textile wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds.  We customize, design, and engineer molds and machine tools for production of packaging materials.  We also design and develop products and packaging to meet our customers’ needs. 

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With the Right Partner, Great Things Happen

KCooper Brands is a true value-add partner with rapid go-to-market capabilities. We combine our various expertise from packaging, branding, supply chain, logistics, & fulfillment and apply that knowledge to ensure secure supply to every customer!

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Harnessing Innovation. Reinventing Markets.

Join us in reinventing markets through our Performance Through Technology™ Platform, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both products & services.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Partnership &


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Combining large company pedigree with the hustle, innovation, and service ethic of a start-up.

Founded by George and Kathi Dempsey in 2016, KCooper Brands' foundation is rooted in entrepreneurialism, innovation, long-standing global relationships with customers and suppliers, and a broad supply base. ​

This foundation allows each of our brands to stay close to customers and manufacturers, innovating in a way that creates a cascade of opportunities for all.

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Dempsey International

Rigid Packaging, Turnkey Products,
Supply Chain Development

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KCooper Substrate

& Nonwovens

Raptor Packaging


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KC Media

Brand Development
& Marketing

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