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A Board with Talent that Matters to You

In an age where adaptability and strategic foresight stand as pillars of corporate success, KCooper Brands, Inc.'s Board of Directors exemplifies the union of seasoned experience and dynamic application. This is a team that recognizes the intricate dance between robust experience and innovative application, where each decision is a step toward sustainable growth.

As the marketplace gets saturated with passing trends and short-lived tactics, this board's strategic vision is a compass that guides KCooper Brands through the ebb and flow of economic tides. Their leadership philosophy is anchored in the belief that growth should be a rising tide that lifts all boats—customers, suppliers, and other partners alike. This means investing in relationships that are built to last, designing policies that foster resilience, and committing to growth that is not just profitable, but also principled.

By aligning their impressive track record with a forward-thinking approach, the Board of Directors at KCooper Brands ensures the company’s growth is not a temporary spike in metrics, but a continuous growth journey that benefits every link in their business chain.


George W. Dempsey Jr is an experienced international executive with a stellar track record in business development, operations, and mergers and acquisitions, having successfully integrated many companies and many more business units throughout his career, demonstrating an exceptional capability in scaling businesses. As the former COO of TricorBraun, he brings large company pedigree with proven entrepreneurial prowess.

His strategic leadership has been pivotal in driving growth and providing stability, and his focus on mergers and acquisitions is broadening the company's horizons, bringing new products and services under its umbrella. His expertise has achieved a 20% compound annual growth rate over five years at KCooper Brands, ensuring customers and suppliers benefit from a fortified market presence, diversified offerings, and new market opportunities.


Kathi Dempsey pairs her operational expertise with a keen financial acumen. Having overseen operations of multiple branches with hundreds of millions in combined sales at TricorBraun, her experience is crucial to ensuring robust financial health and compliance within KCooper Brands, equipping the company with the resilience and governance to thrive in dynamic markets.

Her strategies are directly linked to maintaining a consistent supply chain and ensuring financial transparency, which in turn, builds trust with partners and customers. Her expertise ensures KCooper Brands operates with integrity and efficiency, a direct benefit to stakeholders relying on dependable service and financial integrity.


John Inwright's expertise is a result of a distinguished career with a particular focus on the restaurant and foodservice industries, having held pivotal roles in notable companies such as Wendy's, where he was instrumental in streamlining operations and enhancing supply chain strategies.

His deep understanding of the complexities of the foodservice supply chain translates into tangible benefits for customers, ensuring reliability and quality in every transaction with suppliers. This approach is not only raising KCooper's standards but also setting a new benchmark in the industry.


David Cox’s tenure in the supply chain sector is marked by strategic roles at leading organizations like ARCOP, where he honed his expertise in procurement, distribution, and logistics.

At KCooper Brands, his extensive experience with industry titans helps ensure the supply chain is not just a business process, but a strategic asset. Cox's deep industry insights are invaluable in creating efficiencies and building resilient supply networks that support sustainable growth and provide stability for customers and suppliers alike.


Jim Green’s extensive background in the foodservice industry is highlighted by his transformative role at the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), where he was instrumental in the organization's remarkable turnaround. His strategic leadership at Rich Products Corporation further exemplifies his capability to manage and grow billion-dollar business units.

At KCooper Brands, Jim leverages his strategic planning expertise and deep industry knowledge to drive innovation and solidify the company's market position. His strategic planning is opening doors for new product developments and market strategies that respond to evolving consumer needs and industry trends.


The strategic vision of KCooper Brands Board of Directors is shaping the company's trajectory in profound ways.

The Board of Directors’ unified strategic vision centers on sustainable growth, innovation, and stakeholder engagement. This collective approach focuses on leveraging their diverse experiences to drive the company forward in a rapidly changing market.

By prioritizing efficient operations, strategic market expansion, and customer-centric innovation, the Board of Directors is not just advancing the company’s interests but also significantly enhancing the experiences of customers and suppliers.

Their unified vision not only propels the company towards sustainable growth but also cultivates an ecosystem where customers, suppliers, and partners thrive. This board's leadership is a testament to the belief that true corporate success is measured not just in financial returns, but in the positive impact on all stakeholders and the industry at large.

KCooper Brands, under this adept stewardship, is set to continue its trajectory as a market leader, distinguished by its commitment to excellence and collaborative growth.

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