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Innovation in Action: The Benefits of PureTech Towels for Foodservice Operators

Foodservice operators are always looking for innovative solutions that not only meet their high standards but also provide significant value. Operational efficiency, cost savings, and cleanliness are critical.

KCooper Brands’ PureTech foodservice towels are designed to meet these needs through cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of industry challenges.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how PureTech’s innovative features have solved specific problems for foodservice operators, leading to substantial efficiency improvements and cost savings.

The Need for Innovation in Food Service

The food service industry is no stranger to challenges. From maintaining strict hygiene standards to managing operational costs, operators are always on the lookout for solutions that can make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable.

Traditional cleaning products often fall short, leading to inefficiencies and higher costs.

This is where PureTech towels come in. Designed with the needs of foodservice operators in mind, PureTech towels are a testament to KCooper Brands’ commitment to innovation and problem-solving.

Let’s delve into the key features that set these towels apart and how they address the unique challenges of the food service industry.

Key Innovative Features of PureTech Towels

1. EZPull™ Center-Dispensing Roll Technology

One of the standout features of PureTech towels is the proprietary EZPull™ center-dispensing roll technology. This patent-pending innovation ensures that the towels dispense easily without falling back into the container, providing a more convenient and efficient cleaning solution.

2. PureTech™ 3D Substrate

The PureTech™ 3D substrate is another breakthrough. This patent-pending substrate uses less raw material while outperforming comparable food service sanitizer-compatible wipes. It is twice as thick and nearly twice as absorbent by basis weight, making it incredibly effective at picking up particulates and releasing sanitizing quats onto surfaces.

3. Environmental Sustainability

PureTech towels are designed with sustainability in mind. They use 50% less raw material and are 100% recyclable, significantly reducing their environmental footprint. This not only benefits the planet but also aligns with the increasing demand for eco-friendly products in the food service industry.

Solving Specific Problems for Foodservice Operators

PureTech towels have proven to be a game-changer for many foodservice operators. Here are some specific problems they have solved:

1. Cost Savings

PureTech towels offer significant cost savings compared to traditional products. Operators save up to 25% on product costs and 15% on supply chain costs. Additionally, the improved quat release and absorbency reduce the need for additional cleaning supplies, further cutting costs.

2. Enhanced Hygiene and Safety

Maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial in the food service industry. PureTech towels excel in this area, with over 15% higher quat release to surfaces and nearly twice the particulate pickup compared to market standards. This ensures a cleaner, safer environment for both employees and customers.

Real-World Impact: Data from Independent Testing

The efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by PureTech towels are supported by data from independent lab testing:

Quat Release

PureTech towels achieved a 95% average quat release to surfaces, compared to 79.5% for traditional towels, providing over 15% higher effectiveness in applying sanitizers.

Particulate Pickup

PureTech towels demonstrated nearly twice the particulate pickup capacity, with a 4292% particulate pickup rate compared to 2489% for traditional towels.


PureTech towels were nearly twice as absorbent by basis weight, with an absorbency rate of 20.62% per GSM compared to 12.83% per GSM for traditional towels.

These performance metrics translate to real-world benefits for foodservice operators, enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of their cleaning processes.


In an industry where efficiency, cost savings, and cleanliness are critical, PureTech towels by KCooper Brands stand out as a superior solution. Their innovative features and proven benefits make them an indispensable tool for foodservice operators looking to improve their operations and drive business success.

By investing in PureTech towels, foodservice operators can solve the unsolvable, achieve unparalleled efficiency, and ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. Discover how PureTech can revolutionize your operations by visiting our website or contacting a KCooper Brands representative today. Together, let’s innovate our way to a cleaner, more efficient future in food service.


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