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KCooper Brands, Inc. Elevates Board With Strategic Appointments, Signaling Next Phase of Growth

Leading the Future: KCooper Brands Appoints John Inwright, David Cox, and Jim Green to Drive Innovation from the Boardroom

DENVER, September 11, 2023 - In a strategic move designed to catapult the company into its next phase of expansion and innovation, KCooper Brands, Inc., a trailblazer in sustainable supply chain solutions, announced today the addition of John Inwright, David Cox, and Jim Green to its Board of Directors.

These distinguished appointments come as part of a broader initiative to bolster KCooper's leading market presence and Performance Through Technology™ Platform, while continuing to expand its innovative offering of goods and services across its four divisions.

Board Appointments to Reinforce Market Leadership and Expansion

John Inwright

A seasoned restaurant industry executive, John Inwright brings to the Board a proven track record of leadership across multiple industries. The former CEO of Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Cooperative, where he oversaw almost $4 billion in spend annually for Wendy's restaurants in North America, Inwright's experience reaches into the core of supply chain development, distribution, and procurement.

His holistic view of market dynamics and trends sets a high bar for strategic planning, innovation, and industry relationships. Inwright has also been instrumental in building powerful partnerships with big box retailers and distributors that go beyond foodservice. "I am thrilled to join KCooper Brands, Inc. at this critical juncture. My aim is to work closely with George Dempsey and his team to refine company strategy, drive market expansion, and foster a culture of innovation. The Performance Through Technology™ Platform is the future, and I'm eager to help shape it," said John Inwright.

David Cox

David Cox comes with more than 30 years of exceptional leadership in supply chain development, having converted a small purchasing group at Arby's into a top-tier supply chain cooperative, ARCOP, where he managed an annual expenditure of $1.4 billion as president; additionally, Cox served as past Chairman and current Board Member of the National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Management Expert Exchange. Prior to ARCOP, his roles at Darden Restaurants cemented his reputation as a comprehensive strategist who covers every angle—from procurement to distribution to logistics. Cox brings a multifaceted approach to supply chain leadership that extends well beyond foodservice, and proven acumen in strategic planning, relationship management, and organizational culture development. David Cox commented, "It's an honor to join the KCooper Brands Board and work alongside professionals who are equally committed to driving innovation and sustainability. With its Performance Through Technology™ Platform, the company is uniquely positioned to lead in multiple market sectors, and I'm eager to add my experience to that forward momentum."

Jim Green

With a career spanning over four decades, Jim Green's history of driving transformational change aligns perfectly with KCooper's ambitious growth trajectory. As Vice President of Strategy and Member Value at the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), through strategy and execution, he steered a remarkable turnaround, positioning IFMA as a leading figure in the $900 billion foodservice industry. Additionally, at Rich Products Corporation, he managed a billion-dollar business unit as Vice President of Bakery, overseeing strategic planning through execution. Jim's extensive background is underscored by his deep understanding of the foodservice industry's intricacies and ecosystem. His roles have always placed him at the nexus of strategy, innovation, and execution, enabling businesses to thrive in a dynamic landscape. His knowledge and experience position him to provide invaluable insights as KCooper Brands seeks to innovate and solidify its leadership in the market.

"This is an era where innovation and strategic acumen can redefine industries, and I believe KCooper is poised at the cusp of such transformation. Leveraging the vast expertise and market insights from the Board, I'm confident that together we can further scale KCooper's Performance Through Technology™ Platform. It's an honor to be part of this journey, and I look forward to contributing to the brand's expansive vision," said Jim Green.

KCooper Brands, Inc., A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 2016 by George and Kathi Dempsey, KCooper Brands, Inc. is revolutionizing sectors from rigid packaging to non-woven substrate through its Performance Through Technology™ Platform. The organization is poised to extend its innovative footprint under the guidance of its enhanced board structure.

George W. Dempsey, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, shared, "We are honored to have professionals of John, David, and Jim's caliber join our Board. They bring a treasure trove of real-world experience, incredible expertise, and unparalleled market access that can help steer KCooper Brands through its next phase of growth. With their counsel, we look forward to further solidifying our market leadership and embarking on new avenues of expansion that will redefine what it means to be an innovator in our field.

It's not just about what we're planning next; it's about setting a new standard for the entire industry."

Focused on the Future: A Strengthened Board for Strategic Readiness

KCooper Brands, Inc. is strategically expanding its Board to harness world-class talent, experience, and market access. The expertise and industry relationships that John Inwright, David Cox, and Jim Green bring to KCooper Brands, Inc. are not mere additions; they are multipliers as KCooper Brands focuses on market expansion and leadership.

Further profiles of each board member, including exclusive interviews, will be released in the coming weeks.

About KCooper Brands, Inc.

Founded in 2016 by George and Kathi Dempsey, KCooper Brands, Inc. stands at the forefront of providing innovative solutions in the rigid packaging, non-woven substrate, e-commerce, and marketing sectors. With a customer-centric approach, the company offers a broad range of opportunities through its four business units—Dempsey International Packaging, KCooper Substrate, Raptor Packaging, and KC Media—all unified under its unique Performance Through Technology™ Platform.


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