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Substrate Products


Sanitizer-Compatible FoodService Towels

Dry Wipes

Innovating Roll Technology

Our proprietary, patent-pending EZPull™ center-dispensing roll technology enables us to manufacture more efficiently, lowering costs and our carbon footprint, while bringing to market a more convenient wipe that won’t fall back in on itself.

Inventing New Materials

A breakthrough material, our proprietary, patent-pending PureTech™ substrate uses less raw material while exceeding the efficacy of comparable food service sanitizer-compatible wipes.

Reimagining Method of Use

With three patents pending, we’re reimagining how cleaning products can be used, packaged, and manufactured, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible with substrate products.

The Performance through Technology® Platform

We are continually investing in high-level invention and expansion, ensuring our customers have access to the best partner, products, and services available anywhere in the world today.

100% Secure, Domestic Supply

Our distributed structure brings proprietary products produced to tight specifications to deliver optimal product performance while supporting U.S. manufacturing and U.S. employment.


Our raw materials are produced nationwide.


KCooper substrate products are produced to our tight specifications at locations nationwide.


KCooper substrate products are shipped to your DCs based on optimal freight lanes.

Greater Efficiency, Prioritized Sustainability

Why EZPull™ rolls instead of 1/4 folded wipes?

Our patented EZPull™ roll technology combined with our proprietary PureTech™ Fabric results in the best option available in the market today.

Production Efficiency

KCooper's EZPull™ roll technology increases our converting throughput 10x / 1000%, saving time and money.

Space Efficiency

KCooper's EZPull™ roll technology enables more wipes to fit in each box (our 400-count foodservice towels fit in the same size box as a typical 150-count), saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Financial Efficiency

As a result of KCooper's EZPull™ roll technology, our optimized manufacturing, converting, and fulfillment processes help offset rising costs of labor and inflation.

EZPull™ Rolls are a 
Massive Sustainability Victory!

1 case of KCooper foodservice towels contains up to 400 wipes in the same size box as a typical 150-count wipe box resulting in:

  • 66% fewer cases per year

  • 66% fewer pallets in storage

  • Saved space in the warehouse and on your shelf

  • 66% less handling fees

  • 66% fewer boxes, raw material, and shipments

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Less landfill waste

FoodService Towels

KCooper Brands sanitizer-compatible foodservice towels outperform the alternatives through our innovative, proprietary, patent-pending technological approach.


Put-Ups Designed for Ease of Use

Rectangular Box


EZPull™ Center Dispensing

Optimized Pallet Packout

Highly Portable

Ease of Use

Square Box


EZPull™ Center Dispensing

More Wipes per Box

Highly Portable

Ease of Use

PureTech™ Fabric Outperforms the Alternatives

Delivers the Full PPM for Effective Cleaning

To deliver the effective parts per million (PPM) to the surface you intend to clean, our proprietary multi-lobal fabric patterns absorb and release the full PPM to the surface effectively killing germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses.

Unrivaled Fabric Strength for Multi-Use

Our innovative sanitizer-compatible PureTech™ fabric is super strong, maintaining the same machine direction tensile strength as typical Foodservice Spunlace at half the thickness, resulting in a durable multi-use towel designed for an open bucket quat or chlorine solution.

Colors for Different Tasks that Never Bleed

The blue, yellow, and white colors are extruded into the fabric, will never bleed into the sanitizer, and support the sanitizing protocols to have different colored wipes for different tasks. 

Proudly 100% Made in the USA

The entire supply chain for our sanitizer-compatible towels is made in the USA and qualified on multiple lines nationwide, providing fulfillment and distribution solutions with shorter lead time and security of supply.

Increasing Sustainability while Reducing Costs

Optimized Material Usage

With optimized wipe size and superior strength, our innovative sanitizer-compatible fabric significantly reduces the amount of chemicals and raw material used in manufacturing, lowering your brand’s carbon footprint and reducing overall costs.

Increased Space Efficiency

Through our patented center-roll technology, more wipes fit in each case, improving cube efficiency with full truckloads, while reducing handling & storage costs both in transit and in store.

Improved Recyclability

Our sanitizer-compatible foodservice towels use up to 10% recycled post-industrial resin. Our efficient manufacturing technology directly results in less landfill waste.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Based on comparison to standard foodservice spunlace towels, you will use ~50% fewer cases and eliminate ~50% of towel landfill waste.

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With the Right Partner, Great Things Happen

KCooper Brands is a true value-add partner with rapid go-to-market capabilities. We combine our various expertise from packaging, branding, supply chain, logistics, & fulfillment and apply that knowledge to ensure secure domestic supply to every customer!

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Dry Wipes

KCooper Brands All-Purpose Dry Wipes use performance-based and technology-driven substrates that give the consumer a stronger, more absorbent wipe that’s soft to the touch, child safe, and reusable.

A Better User Experience

Designed to Perform

Get the job done right the first time!


  • Sized for specific use

  • Multi-use

  • Multi-faced

Made to Outlast

Get the job done and reduce waste!


  • Strong like cloth

  • Durable, doesn’t break apart

  • Highly absorbent

Optimized for Convenience

Our products are easy to use, eco-friendly, soft to the touch, and child safe. Our EZPull™ technology keeps wipes from falling back into the box!

Improved Productivity vs. Using Rags

When a worker needs to grab a rag, they must:​
  • Walk back and forth from a central location.​​

  • Dig through a pile to find a suitable rag without defects (no buttons, zippers, dirt, etc.)​

Convenient packaging, consistent quality, and better performing products can save hours of productivity each year.​

If workers at one facility spent 10 minutes per shift walking to get rags from storage, for 100 people working 8-hour shifts, this is 4,200 wasted labor hours per year.​

Approximately $100,000 annual realized cost on your business!*​

Choose the Right Wipe for Your Operation

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Thanks for requesting more information! A member of our team will be in touch soon!

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